Scanner Simulation

Scanner Simulation – Large Retailer

CLIENT Large Retailer TOOL Articulate 360 AUDIENCE Warehouse Workers PROBLEM Warehouse receivers need to quickly learn to use new tools and software SOLUTION Interactive scanner simulator that instructed workflows and reinforced processes

Software Simulation

System Simulation – Large Retailer

CLIENT Large Retailer TOOL Articulate Storyline 360 AUDIENCE Warehouse office staff PROBLEM A large number of staff need to be trained quickly to use a new inventory management system SOLUTION Interactive guided tutorial that emulated the behaviour of the actual system

Customer Tutorial

Customer Forms Tutorial – City of Vancouver

CLIENT City of Vancouver TOOL Articulate Storyline 2 AUDIENCE Customers who apply for merchandise display permits PROBEM Customers who do not all speak English well need to fill out complicated forms SOLUTION Visual e-Learning tutorial designed as a guide while completing the form.  Adapts as the form is completed to provide only