Learning, Not Yawning

Your learners are falling asleep because your training doesn’t get and hold their attention.

Now they need extra support to reliably perform on the job – and that’s costing you money.

I help deliver your message more effectively with courses that get learners engaged.

Office Fun
Simon Strudwick

Simon Strudwick is…

A veteran contractor –
a “course whisperer”
who helps companies save time and improve productivity
by applying broad industry expertise
to developing innovative training solutions
that engage learners and equip them for the future.

About Simon

My Guiding Principles

Fun experiences are more memorable.

Deliver learning when it is most needed.

Prepare for change.

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What People Say

“Simon can MacGyver a spectacular training session with only a toothpick and a rubber band!”

– Barbara Mount, Director, Impark

“Simon is a very quick study and always brings a strong organizational skill set to bear on any duty or role expected of him. He demonstrates an ability to see beyond the task at hand. Simon is clear and concise in his vision yet maintains a very giving relationship with technicians under his supervision.”

– Paul Ord, Technical Director, University of Guelph

“Simon helped us turn our project completely around so we could finish our training on time!”

– Caroline Eady, Training Manager, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

“Simon is a great team worker who receives great reviews from the students. Simon’s creative ideas to enhance and improve our work have radically changed training within the City of Vancouver, introducing a new level of both quality and skill to the project team.”

– Terry Reid, Training Manager, City of Vancouver

“We should just do that for everything!”

– Renate Gross, Chief Project Officer, Provincial Government Project

“Simon is an incredibly hard-working individual. He takes a patient, flexible professional and safety-conscious approach to his work and his outstanding customer feedback has made him a great asset to this company.”

– Diego Frank, Course Director, Underwater Vision

“For a better experience, click here!”

– John Broere, Program Manager, City of Vancouver